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Creating a new claim

New functionality has been added to the system to streamline the way that the claim entry currently works.

ReceiptStash is a more efficient way to store receipts and enter your claim, this will greatly reduce the time inputting your expense claims.

ReceiptStash Adding Receipts

Receipts can be added to the ReceiptStash screen and these receipts will be ready to add to a claim anytime the Create a new claim button is clicked.

Add/Remove Receipts

On this screen you can choose files from your computer to add the receipt date and the receipt amount. These values will then be displayed on the receipt.

Receipt Stash Entry screen

To get started click Choose Files then browse for the receipt on the computer. You can now enter

  • Receipt Date
  • Receipt Amount

These values can be entered before the add button is clicked. This will then store those values against the receipt you have uploaded and you can upload as many receipts as you like in this view.

Once the desired number of receipts have been uploaded, they will be stored on screen as shown in the example below and are ready to add to expense claims.

ReceiptStash view

Creating a claim